Your Moving Day Tips

Home removals

Arrange for pets to be looked after Cats and dogs do get under our feet when we are moving, so please arrange for them to be looked after or put away for their and our safety. Arrange for young children to be looked after Arrange someone to look after your young children on the move […]

Packing Instructions

PACKING MATERIAL Wardrobe cartons for clothing if going into storage, vinyl tape, boxes, tissues, bubble wrap, mattress covers, sofa covers can all be purchased to help protect your items. UNNECESSARY PACKING It may not be necessary to empty chests and dressing tables drawers if the furniture is strong enough to be moved with its contents. […]

Moving Checklist – Details and Transfer

CONTACT Contact companies to notify of your change of address and/or cancel any subscriptions Gas Water Electric TV License Sky, Netflix or similar Council Telephone, Broadband Home Insurance Mortgage / Rent Car Insurance Driving License Contact GP and arrange in new area Any other utility bills CONSIDER Depending on your situation you may need to: […]

Moving Checklist

2 Weeks before your move Change your address with all companies, especially for your banksInform the council of your move so you stay up to date on electoral registrationSort out your mobile phone, registering it to your new addressIf you have kids, inform their school of the move, let any new schools know tooTell your […]