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Grandfather Clocks – Pianos – Outside Elevation

Express Movers Uk Specialist Moving Expertise

Express Movers Uk offer a specialist moving service for your heavy or loved belongings. Moving is a specialist skill, hence our expert advice would be to always recommend that you leave it to our professional moving team.

Special items such as grandfather clocks, pianos, paintings and antiques will probably require specialist packing prior to removal and our representative will advise you on this.

What Is A Specialist Moving Item?

A specialist moving item is anything that is very large, oversized or heavy beyond 2 people being able to lift. Express Movers Uk have a wealth of experience with moving large objects professionally and safely.

Specialist Items, But Not Limited To:

If you are unsure if your item is a specialist item or not, please speak to our team

What Do We Pack

We wrap your entire kitchen contents, pots, pans, glassware, crockery, fragile china, knives, forks.
We pack pictures, mirrors, tv’s, ornaments.
We can wrap and protect new furniture on request, lay floor covers to protect your carpets on request.

Other types of specialised protection can be supplied if necessary.

We pack all of your clothes, suits, dresses, jackets and all chest of drawer contents if needed.

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